Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory

Piefke M, Fink GR (2005)
Anatomy and Embryology 210(5-6): 497-512.

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Piefke, MartinaUniBi; Fink, G. R.
Anatomy and Embryology
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Piefke M, Fink GR. Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory. Anatomy and Embryology. 2005;210(5-6):497-512.
Piefke, M., & Fink, G. R. (2005). Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory. Anatomy and Embryology, 210(5-6), 497-512.
Piefke, Martina, and Fink, G. R. 2005. “Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory”. Anatomy and Embryology 210 (5-6): 497-512.
Piefke, M., and Fink, G. R. (2005). Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory. Anatomy and Embryology 210, 497-512.
Piefke, M., & Fink, G.R., 2005. Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory. Anatomy and Embryology, 210(5-6), p 497-512.
M. Piefke and G.R. Fink, “Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory”, Anatomy and Embryology, vol. 210, 2005, pp. 497-512.
Piefke, M., Fink, G.R.: Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory. Anatomy and Embryology. 210, 497-512 (2005).
Piefke, Martina, and Fink, G. R. “Recollections of one’s own past: the effects of aging and gender on the neural mechanisms of episodic autobiographical memory”. Anatomy and Embryology 210.5-6 (2005): 497-512.

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