Touch can change visual slant perception

Ernst MO, Banks MS, Bülthoff HH (2000)
Nature Neuroscience 3(1): 69-73.

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Ernst, Marc O.UniBi; Banks, MS; Bülthoff, HH
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The visual system uses several signals to deduce the three-dimensional structure of the environment, including binocular disparity, texture gradients, shading and motion parallax. Although each of these sources of information is independently insufficient to yield reliable three-dimensional structure from everyday scenes, the visual system combines them by weighting the available information; altering the weights would therefore change the perceived structure. We report that haptic feedback (active touch) increases the weight of a consistent surface-slant signal relative to inconsistent signals. Thus, appearance of a subsequently viewed surface is changed: the surface appears slanted in the direction specified by the haptically reinforced signal.
Nature Neuroscience
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Ernst MO, Banks MS, Bülthoff HH. Touch can change visual slant perception. Nature Neuroscience. 2000;3(1):69-73.
Ernst, M. O., Banks, M. S., & Bülthoff, H. H. (2000). Touch can change visual slant perception. Nature Neuroscience, 3(1), 69-73.
Ernst, Marc O., Banks, MS, and Bülthoff, HH. 2000. “Touch can change visual slant perception”. Nature Neuroscience 3 (1): 69-73.
Ernst, M. O., Banks, M. S., and Bülthoff, H. H. (2000). Touch can change visual slant perception. Nature Neuroscience 3, 69-73.
Ernst, M.O., Banks, M.S., & Bülthoff, H.H., 2000. Touch can change visual slant perception. Nature Neuroscience, 3(1), p 69-73.
M.O. Ernst, M.S. Banks, and H.H. Bülthoff, “Touch can change visual slant perception”, Nature Neuroscience, vol. 3, 2000, pp. 69-73.
Ernst, M.O., Banks, M.S., Bülthoff, H.H.: Touch can change visual slant perception. Nature Neuroscience. 3, 69-73 (2000).
Ernst, Marc O., Banks, MS, and Bülthoff, HH. “Touch can change visual slant perception”. Nature Neuroscience 3.1 (2000): 69-73.

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