Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior

Adams WJ, Graf EW, Ernst MO (2004)
Nature Neuroscience 7(10): 1057-1058.

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Adams, W. J.; Graf, E. W.; Ernst, Marc O.UniBi
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To interpret complex and ambiguous input, the human visual system uses prior knowledge or assumptions about the world. We show that the `light-from-above' prior, used to extract information about shape from shading is modified in response to active experience with the scene. The resultant adaptation is not specific to the learned scene but generalizes to a different task, demonstrating that priors are constantly adapted by interactive experience with the environment.
Nature Neuroscience
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Adams WJ, Graf EW, Ernst MO. Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior. Nature Neuroscience. 2004;7(10):1057-1058.
Adams, W. J., Graf, E. W., & Ernst, M. O. (2004). Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior. Nature Neuroscience, 7(10), 1057-1058. https://doi.org/10.1038/nn1312
Adams, W. J., Graf, E. W., and Ernst, Marc O. 2004. “Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior”. Nature Neuroscience 7 (10): 1057-1058.
Adams, W. J., Graf, E. W., and Ernst, M. O. (2004). Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior. Nature Neuroscience 7, 1057-1058.
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W.J. Adams, E.W. Graf, and M.O. Ernst, “Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior”, Nature Neuroscience, vol. 7, 2004, pp. 1057-1058.
Adams, W.J., Graf, E.W., Ernst, M.O.: Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior. Nature Neuroscience. 7, 1057-1058 (2004).
Adams, W. J., Graf, E. W., and Ernst, Marc O. “Experience can change the 'light-from-above' prior”. Nature Neuroscience 7.10 (2004): 1057-1058.

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