Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion

Ernst MO (2009)
Current Biology 19(1): R23-R25.

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When one lifts two objects of equal weight and appearance but different size, the smaller object usually feels heavier. New results show that this size-weight illusion can be inverted after extensive training with objects in which the natural size-weight relationship is artificially reversed.
Current Biology
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Ernst MO. Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion. Current Biology. 2009;19(1):R23-R25.
Ernst, M. O. (2009). Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion. Current Biology, 19(1), R23-R25.
Ernst, Marc O. 2009. “Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion”. Current Biology 19 (1): R23-R25.
Ernst, M. O. (2009). Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion. Current Biology 19, R23-R25.
Ernst, M.O., 2009. Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion. Current Biology, 19(1), p R23-R25.
M.O. Ernst, “Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion”, Current Biology, vol. 19, 2009, pp. R23-R25.
Ernst, M.O.: Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion. Current Biology. 19, R23-R25 (2009).
Ernst, Marc O. “Perceptual Learning: Inverting the Size-Weight Illusion”. Current Biology 19.1 (2009): R23-R25.

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