One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch

Plaisier M, Bergmann Tiest WM, Kappers AML (2009)
Acta Psychologica 131(2): 163-170.

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Plaisier, MyrtheUniBi; Bergmann Tiest, W. M.; Kappers, A. M. L.
Acta Psychologica
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Plaisier M, Bergmann Tiest WM, Kappers AML. One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch. Acta Psychologica. 2009;131(2):163-170.
Plaisier, M., Bergmann Tiest, W. M., & Kappers, A. M. L. (2009). One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch. Acta Psychologica, 131(2), 163-170.
Plaisier, M., Bergmann Tiest, W. M., and Kappers, A. M. L. (2009). One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch. Acta Psychologica 131, 163-170.
Plaisier, M., Bergmann Tiest, W.M., & Kappers, A.M.L., 2009. One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch. Acta Psychologica, 131(2), p 163-170.
M. Plaisier, W.M. Bergmann Tiest, and A.M.L. Kappers, “One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch”, Acta Psychologica, vol. 131, 2009, pp. 163-170.
Plaisier, M., Bergmann Tiest, W.M., Kappers, A.M.L.: One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch. Acta Psychologica. 131, 163-170 (2009).
Plaisier, Myrthe, Bergmann Tiest, W. M., and Kappers, A. M. L. “One, two, three, many - Subitizing in active touch”. Acta Psychologica 131.2 (2009): 163-170.

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