Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study

Onur OA, Piefke M, Lie C-H, Thiel C, Fink GR (2011)
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 23(10): 2797-2810.

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Onur, Oezguer A.; Piefke, MartinaUniBi; Lie, Chun-Hyoun; Thiel, Christiane; Fink, Gereon R.
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
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Onur OA, Piefke M, Lie C-H, Thiel C, Fink GR. Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 2011;23(10):2797-2810.
Onur, O. A., Piefke, M., Lie, C. - H., Thiel, C., & Fink, G. R. (2011). Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23(10), 2797-2810.
Onur, O. A., Piefke, M., Lie, C. - H., Thiel, C., and Fink, G. R. (2011). Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 23, 2797-2810.
Onur, O.A., et al., 2011. Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23(10), p 2797-2810.
O.A. Onur, et al., “Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study”, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, vol. 23, 2011, pp. 2797-2810.
Onur, O.A., Piefke, M., Lie, C.-H., Thiel, C., Fink, G.R.: Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. 23, 2797-2810 (2011).
Onur, Oezguer A., Piefke, Martina, Lie, Chun-Hyoun, Thiel, Christiane, and Fink, Gereon R. “Modulatory effects of levodopa on cognitive control in young, but not in older subjects: A pharmacological fMRI study”. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 23.10 (2011): 2797-2810.

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