Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters

Höss S, Claus E, von der Ohe P, Brinke M, Güde H, Heininger P, Traunspurger W (2011)
Environment International 37(5): 940-949.

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Höss, S.; Claus, E.; von der Ohe, P.; Brinke, M.; Güde, H.; Heininger, P.; Traunspurger, WalterUniBi
Environment International
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Höss S, Claus E, von der Ohe P, et al. Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters. Environment International. 2011;37(5):940-949.
Höss, S., Claus, E., von der Ohe, P., Brinke, M., Güde, H., Heininger, P., & Traunspurger, W. (2011). Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters. Environment International, 37(5), 940-949.
Höss, S., Claus, E., von der Ohe, P., Brinke, M., Güde, H., Heininger, P., and Traunspurger, Walter. 2011. “Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters”. Environment International 37 (5): 940-949.
Höss, S., Claus, E., von der Ohe, P., Brinke, M., Güde, H., Heininger, P., and Traunspurger, W. (2011). Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters. Environment International 37, 940-949.
Höss, S., et al., 2011. Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters. Environment International, 37(5), p 940-949.
S. Höss, et al., “Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters”, Environment International, vol. 37, 2011, pp. 940-949.
Höss, S., Claus, E., von der Ohe, P., Brinke, M., Güde, H., Heininger, P., Traunspurger, W.: Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters. Environment International. 37, 940-949 (2011).
Höss, S., Claus, E., von der Ohe, P., Brinke, M., Güde, H., Heininger, P., and Traunspurger, Walter. “Nematode species at risk - A metric to assess pollution in soft sediments of freshwaters”. Environment International 37.5 (2011): 940-949.

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