Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders

Schulte-Ruether M, Greimel E, Markowitsch HJ, Kamp-Becker I, Remschmidt H, Fink GR, Piefke M (2011)
Social Neuroscience 6(1): 1-21.

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Schulte-Ruether, Martin; Greimel, Ellen; Markowitsch, Hans J.UniBi; Kamp-Becker, Inge; Remschmidt, Helmut; Fink, Gereon R.; Piefke, MartinaUniBi
Neuroimaging; Emotion; Medial prefrontal cortex; Autism; Theory of mind; Self
Social Neuroscience
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Schulte-Ruether M, Greimel E, Markowitsch HJ, et al. Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders. Social Neuroscience. 2011;6(1):1-21.
Schulte-Ruether, M., Greimel, E., Markowitsch, H. J., Kamp-Becker, I., Remschmidt, H., Fink, G. R., & Piefke, M. (2011). Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders. Social Neuroscience, 6(1), 1-21. https://doi.org/10.1080/17470911003708032
Schulte-Ruether, Martin, Greimel, Ellen, Markowitsch, Hans J., Kamp-Becker, Inge, Remschmidt, Helmut, Fink, Gereon R., and Piefke, Martina. 2011. “Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders”. Social Neuroscience 6 (1): 1-21.
Schulte-Ruether, M., Greimel, E., Markowitsch, H. J., Kamp-Becker, I., Remschmidt, H., Fink, G. R., and Piefke, M. (2011). Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders. Social Neuroscience 6, 1-21.
Schulte-Ruether, M., et al., 2011. Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders. Social Neuroscience, 6(1), p 1-21.
M. Schulte-Ruether, et al., “Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders”, Social Neuroscience, vol. 6, 2011, pp. 1-21.
Schulte-Ruether, M., Greimel, E., Markowitsch, H.J., Kamp-Becker, I., Remschmidt, H., Fink, G.R., Piefke, M.: Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders. Social Neuroscience. 6, 1-21 (2011).
Schulte-Ruether, Martin, Greimel, Ellen, Markowitsch, Hans J., Kamp-Becker, Inge, Remschmidt, Helmut, Fink, Gereon R., and Piefke, Martina. “Dysfunctions in brain networks supporting empathy: An fMRI study in adults with autism spectrum disorders”. Social Neuroscience 6.1 (2011): 1-21.

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