Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle

Bauer C, Rabl C-R, Heberle J, Kottke T (2011)

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Bauer C, Rabl C-R, Heberle J, Kottke T. Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle. PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY. 2011;87(3):548-553.
Bauer, C., Rabl, C. - R., Heberle, J., & Kottke, T. (2011). Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle. PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY, 87(3), 548-553. doi:10.1111/j.1751-1097.2011.00901.x
Bauer, C., Rabl, C. - R., Heberle, J., and Kottke, T. (2011). Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle. PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY 87, 548-553.
Bauer, C., et al., 2011. Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle. PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY, 87(3), p 548-553.
C. Bauer, et al., “Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle”, PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY, vol. 87, 2011, pp. 548-553.
Bauer, C., Rabl, C.-R., Heberle, J., Kottke, T.: Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle. PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY. 87, 548-553 (2011).
Bauer, Christian, Rabl, Carl-Roland, Heberle, Joachim, and Kottke, Tilman. “Indication for a Radical Intermediate Preceding the Signaling State in the LOV Domain Photocycle”. PHOTOCHEMISTRY AND PHOTOBIOLOGY 87.3 (2011): 548-553.

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