Recursive self-organizing network models

Hammer B, Micheli A, Sperduti A, Strickert M (2004)
Neural Networks 17(8-9): 1061-1085.

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Hammer, BarbaraUniBi; Micheli, A.; Sperduti, A.; Strickert, M.
Neural Networks
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Hammer B, Micheli A, Sperduti A, Strickert M. Recursive self-organizing network models. Neural Networks. 2004;17(8-9):1061-1085.
Hammer, B., Micheli, A., Sperduti, A., & Strickert, M. (2004). Recursive self-organizing network models. Neural Networks, 17(8-9), 1061-1085. doi:10.1016/j.neunet.2004.06.009
Hammer, B., Micheli, A., Sperduti, A., and Strickert, M. (2004). Recursive self-organizing network models. Neural Networks 17, 1061-1085.
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Hammer, B., Micheli, A., Sperduti, A., Strickert, M.: Recursive self-organizing network models. Neural Networks. 17, 1061-1085 (2004).
Hammer, Barbara, Micheli, A., Sperduti, A., and Strickert, M. “Recursive self-organizing network models”. Neural Networks 17.8-9 (2004): 1061-1085.

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