Batch and Median Neural Gas

Cottrell M, Hammer B, Hasenfuss A, Villmann T (2006)
Neural Networks 19(6-7): 762-771.

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Cottrell, M.; Hammer, BarbaraUniBi; Hasenfuss, A.; Villmann, T.
Neural Networks
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Cottrell M, Hammer B, Hasenfuss A, Villmann T. Batch and Median Neural Gas. Neural Networks. 2006;19(6-7):762-771.
Cottrell, M., Hammer, B., Hasenfuss, A., & Villmann, T. (2006). Batch and Median Neural Gas. Neural Networks, 19(6-7), 762-771.
Cottrell, M., Hammer, B., Hasenfuss, A., and Villmann, T. (2006). Batch and Median Neural Gas. Neural Networks 19, 762-771.
Cottrell, M., et al., 2006. Batch and Median Neural Gas. Neural Networks, 19(6-7), p 762-771.
M. Cottrell, et al., “Batch and Median Neural Gas”, Neural Networks, vol. 19, 2006, pp. 762-771.
Cottrell, M., Hammer, B., Hasenfuss, A., Villmann, T.: Batch and Median Neural Gas. Neural Networks. 19, 762-771 (2006).
Cottrell, M., Hammer, Barbara, Hasenfuss, A., and Villmann, T. “Batch and Median Neural Gas”. Neural Networks 19.6-7 (2006): 762-771.

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