Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee

Letzkus P,, Böddeker N, Wood JT,, Zhang S-W,, Srinivasan MV, (2008)
Biology letters 4(1): 16-19.

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Letzkus, Pinar,; Böddeker, NorbertUniBi; Wood, Jeff T,; Zhang, Shao-Wu,; Srinivasan, Mandyam V,
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Lateralization is a well-described phenomenon in humans and other vertebrates and there are interesting parallels across a variety of different vertebrate species. However, there are only a few studies of lateralization in invertebrates. In a recent report, we showed lateralization of olfactory learning in the honeybee (Apis mellifera). Here, we investigate lateralization of another sensory modality, vision. By training honeybees on a modified version of a visual proboscis extension reflex task, we find that bees learn a colour stimulus better with their right eye.
Color; Behavior; Animals; Visual Perception; Reward; Functional Laterality; Learning
Biology letters
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Letzkus P,, Böddeker N, Wood JT,, Zhang S-W,, Srinivasan MV,. Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee. Biology letters. 2008;4(1):16-19.
Letzkus, P. ,, Böddeker, N., Wood, J. T. ,, Zhang, S. - W. ,, & Srinivasan, M. V. , (2008). Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee. Biology letters, 4(1), 16-19.
Letzkus, P. ,, Böddeker, N., Wood, J. T. ,, Zhang, S. - W. ,, and Srinivasan, M. V. , (2008). Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee. Biology letters 4, 16-19.
Letzkus, P.,, et al., 2008. Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee. Biology letters, 4(1), p 16-19.
P., Letzkus, et al., “Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee”, Biology letters, vol. 4, 2008, pp. 16-19.
Letzkus, P.,, Böddeker, N., Wood, J.T.,, Zhang, S.-W.,, Srinivasan, M.V.,: Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee. Biology letters. 4, 16-19 (2008).
Letzkus, Pinar,, Böddeker, Norbert, Wood, Jeff T,, Zhang, Shao-Wu,, and Srinivasan, Mandyam V,. “Lateralization of visual learning in the honeybee”. Biology letters 4.1 (2008): 16-19.
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