Vision and the organization of behaviour

Zeil J, Böddeker N, Hemmi JM (2008)
Current Biology 18(8): R320-R323.

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Zeil, Jochen; Böddeker, NorbertUniBi; Hemmi, Jan M.
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What do visual neurons compute? A recent review [1] states that current models of the primary visual cortex (V1) of mammals explain less than 50% of neuron response variance and that “as much as 85% of V1 function has yet to be accounted for”. In this essay, we shall consider some of the essential facts of natural vision and argue that the organization of behaviour plays a crucial role in shaping the design of visual neurons. We conclude that the specific movements and perspectives of animals need to be taken into account when using natural images or image sequences in the analysis of visual processing in neurons.
Current Biology
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Zeil J, Böddeker N, Hemmi JM. Vision and the organization of behaviour. Current Biology. 2008;18(8):R320-R323.
Zeil, J., Böddeker, N., & Hemmi, J. M. (2008). Vision and the organization of behaviour. Current Biology, 18(8), R320-R323.
Zeil, Jochen, Böddeker, Norbert, and Hemmi, Jan M. 2008. “Vision and the organization of behaviour”. Current Biology 18 (8): R320-R323.
Zeil, J., Böddeker, N., and Hemmi, J. M. (2008). Vision and the organization of behaviour. Current Biology 18, R320-R323.
Zeil, J., Böddeker, N., & Hemmi, J.M., 2008. Vision and the organization of behaviour. Current Biology, 18(8), p R320-R323.
J. Zeil, N. Böddeker, and J.M. Hemmi, “Vision and the organization of behaviour”, Current Biology, vol. 18, 2008, pp. R320-R323.
Zeil, J., Böddeker, N., Hemmi, J.M.: Vision and the organization of behaviour. Current Biology. 18, R320-R323 (2008).
Zeil, Jochen, Böddeker, Norbert, and Hemmi, Jan M. “Vision and the organization of behaviour”. Current Biology 18.8 (2008): R320-R323.
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