A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans

de Quervain DJ, Kolassa I-T, Ertl V, Onyut PL, Neuner F, Elbert T, Papassotiropoulos A (2007)
Nature Neuroscience 10(9): 1137-1139.

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de Quervain, D. J.; Kolassa, Iris-Tatjana; Ertl, VerenaUniBi; Onyut, P. L.; Neuner, FrankUniBi; Elbert, Thomas; Papassotiropoulos, A.
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Emotionally arousing events are recalled better than neutral events. This phenomenon, which helps us to remember important and potentially vital information, depends on the activation of noradrenergic transmission in the brain. Here we show that a deletion variant of ADRA2B, the gene encoding the alpha2b-adrenergic receptor, is related to enhanced emotional memory in healthy Swiss subjects and in survivors of the Rwandan civil war who experienced highly aversive emotional situations.
Analysis of Variance; *Gene Deletion; European Continental Ancestry Group/*genetics; Glutamic Acid/genetics; Humans; Adrenergic; Neuropsychological Tests; Receptors; alpha-2/*genetics; Emotions/*physiology; African Continental Ancestry Group/*genetics; Memory/*physiology
Nature Neuroscience
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de Quervain DJ, Kolassa I-T, Ertl V, et al. A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans. Nature Neuroscience. 2007;10(9):1137-1139.
de Quervain, D. J., Kolassa, I. - T., Ertl, V., Onyut, P. L., Neuner, F., Elbert, T., & Papassotiropoulos, A. (2007). A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans. Nature Neuroscience, 10(9), 1137-1139. https://doi.org/10.1038/nn1945
de Quervain, D. J., Kolassa, Iris-Tatjana, Ertl, Verena, Onyut, P. L., Neuner, Frank, Elbert, Thomas, and Papassotiropoulos, A. 2007. “A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans”. Nature Neuroscience 10 (9): 1137-1139.
de Quervain, D. J., Kolassa, I. - T., Ertl, V., Onyut, P. L., Neuner, F., Elbert, T., and Papassotiropoulos, A. (2007). A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans. Nature Neuroscience 10, 1137-1139.
de Quervain, D.J., et al., 2007. A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans. Nature Neuroscience, 10(9), p 1137-1139.
D.J. de Quervain, et al., “A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans”, Nature Neuroscience, vol. 10, 2007, pp. 1137-1139.
de Quervain, D.J., Kolassa, I.-T., Ertl, V., Onyut, P.L., Neuner, F., Elbert, T., Papassotiropoulos, A.: A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans. Nature Neuroscience. 10, 1137-1139 (2007).
de Quervain, D. J., Kolassa, Iris-Tatjana, Ertl, Verena, Onyut, P. L., Neuner, Frank, Elbert, Thomas, and Papassotiropoulos, A. “A deletion variant of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor is related to emotional memory in Europeans and Africans”. Nature Neuroscience 10.9 (2007): 1137-1139.

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