Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature

Arnold M, Razum O, Coebergh JW (2010)
European Journal of Cancer 46(14): 2647-2659.

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Arnold, Melina; Razum, OliverUniBi; Coebergh, Jan Willem
European Journal of Cancer
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Arnold M, Razum O, Coebergh JW. Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature. European Journal of Cancer. 2010;46(14):2647-2659.
Arnold, M., Razum, O., & Coebergh, J. W. (2010). Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature. European Journal of Cancer, 46(14), 2647-2659.
Arnold, Melina, Razum, Oliver, and Coebergh, Jan Willem. 2010. “Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature”. European Journal of Cancer 46 (14): 2647-2659.
Arnold, M., Razum, O., and Coebergh, J. W. (2010). Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature. European Journal of Cancer 46, 2647-2659.
Arnold, M., Razum, O., & Coebergh, J.W., 2010. Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature. European Journal of Cancer, 46(14), p 2647-2659.
M. Arnold, O. Razum, and J.W. Coebergh, “Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature”, European Journal of Cancer, vol. 46, 2010, pp. 2647-2659.
Arnold, M., Razum, O., Coebergh, J.W.: Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature. European Journal of Cancer. 46, 2647-2659 (2010).
Arnold, Melina, Razum, Oliver, and Coebergh, Jan Willem. “Cancer risk diversity in non-Western migrants to Europe: An overview of the literature”. European Journal of Cancer 46.14 (2010): 2647-2659.

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