Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide.

Schaal S, Elbert T, Neuner F (2009)
Omega (Westport) 59(3): 203-219.

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Schaal, S; Elbert, T; Neuner, FrankUniBi
Abstract / Bemerkung
Should pathological grief be viewed as a nosological category, separate from other forms of mental diseases? Diagnostic criteria for "Prolonged Grief Disorder" (PGD) have recently been specified by Prigerson and her coworkers. We interviewed a total of 40 widows who had lost their husbands during the Rwandan genocide in 1994. We assessed Major Depression using the Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview (M.I.N.I.) and prolonged grief reactions with the PG-13. In order to examine the distinctiveness of the two syndromes we performed a multitrait correlational matrix analysis using modified versions of Generalized Proximity Functions (GPFs). 12.5% (n = 5) of the sample fulfilled the criteria for a diagnosis of PGD; 40% (n = 16) met criteria for Major Depressive Episode. The two syndromes were strongly associated. No discriminant validity was found between the two constructs suggesting that PGD may rather be an appearance of depression than a separate nosological entity.
Omega (Westport)
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Schaal S, Elbert T, Neuner F. Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide. Omega (Westport). 2009;59(3):203-219.
Schaal, S., Elbert, T., & Neuner, F. (2009). Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide. Omega (Westport), 59(3), 203-219.
Schaal, S, Elbert, T, and Neuner, Frank. 2009. “Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide.”. Omega (Westport) 59 (3): 203-219.
Schaal, S., Elbert, T., and Neuner, F. (2009). Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide. Omega (Westport) 59, 203-219.
Schaal, S., Elbert, T., & Neuner, F., 2009. Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide. Omega (Westport), 59(3), p 203-219.
S. Schaal, T. Elbert, and F. Neuner, “Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide.”, Omega (Westport), vol. 59, 2009, pp. 203-219.
Schaal, S., Elbert, T., Neuner, F.: Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide. Omega (Westport). 59, 203-219 (2009).
Schaal, S, Elbert, T, and Neuner, Frank. “Prolonged grief disorder and depression in widows due to the Rwandan genocide.”. Omega (Westport) 59.3 (2009): 203-219.

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