Highly efficient neural differentiation of human somatic stem cells, isolated by minimally invasive periodontal surgery

Widera D, Grimm W-D, Moebius J, Mikenberg I, Piechaczek C, Gassmann G, Wolff N, Thevenod F, Kaltschmidt C, Kaltschmidt B (2007)

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Widera, DariusUniBi ; Grimm, Wolf-Dieter; Moebius, Jeannette; Mikenberg, Ilja; Piechaczek, Christoph; Gassmann, Georg; Wolff, Natascha; Thevenod, Frank; Kaltschmidt, ChristianUniBi; Kaltschmidt, BarbaraUniBi
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Widera D, Grimm W-D, Moebius J, et al. Highly efficient neural differentiation of human somatic stem cells, isolated by minimally invasive periodontal surgery. STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT. 2007;16(3):447-460.
Widera, D., Grimm, W. - D., Moebius, J., Mikenberg, I., Piechaczek, C., Gassmann, G., Wolff, N., et al. (2007). Highly efficient neural differentiation of human somatic stem cells, isolated by minimally invasive periodontal surgery. STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT, 16(3), 447-460. https://doi.org/10.1089/scd.2006.0068
Widera, D., Grimm, W. - D., Moebius, J., Mikenberg, I., Piechaczek, C., Gassmann, G., Wolff, N., Thevenod, F., Kaltschmidt, C., and Kaltschmidt, B. (2007). Highly efficient neural differentiation of human somatic stem cells, isolated by minimally invasive periodontal surgery. STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT 16, 447-460.
Widera, D., et al., 2007. Highly efficient neural differentiation of human somatic stem cells, isolated by minimally invasive periodontal surgery. STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT, 16(3), p 447-460.
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Widera, Darius, Grimm, Wolf-Dieter, Moebius, Jeannette, Mikenberg, Ilja, Piechaczek, Christoph, Gassmann, Georg, Wolff, Natascha, Thevenod, Frank, Kaltschmidt, Christian, and Kaltschmidt, Barbara. “Highly efficient neural differentiation of human somatic stem cells, isolated by minimally invasive periodontal surgery”. STEM CELLS AND DEVELOPMENT 16.3 (2007): 447-460.

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