Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie

Friedrich G. W, Labudda K (2010)
Der Radiologe 50(2): 123-130.

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Friedrich G., Woermann; Labudda, KirstenUniBi
Abstract / Bemerkung
Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) is frequently used in the presurgical diagnostic procedure of epilepsy patients, in particular for lateralization of speech and memory and for localization of the primary motor cortex to delineate the epileptogenic lesion from eloquent brain areas. fMRI is one of the non-invasive procedures in the presurgical diagnostic process, together with medical history, seizure semiology, neurological examination, interictal and ictal EEG, structural MRI, video EEG monitoring and neuropsychology. This diagnostic sequence leads either to the decision for or against elective epilepsy surgery or to the decision to proceed with invasive diagnostic techniques (Wada test, intra-operative or extra-operative cortical stimulation). It is difficult to evaluate the contribution of the fMRI test in isolation to the validity of the entire diagnostic sequence. Complications such as memory loss and aphasia in temporal lobe resections or paresis after frontal lobe resections are rare and rarely of disastrous extent. This further complicates the evaluation of the clinical relevance of fMRI as a predictive tool. In this article studies which investigated the concordance between fMRI and other diagnostic gold standards will be presented as well as the association between presurgical fMRI and postsurgical morbidity.
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Friedrich G. W, Labudda K. Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie. Der Radiologe. 2010;50(2):123-130.
Friedrich G., W., & Labudda, K. (2010). Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie. Der Radiologe, 50(2), 123-130. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00117-009-1894-z
Friedrich G., Woermann, and Labudda, Kirsten. 2010. “Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie”. Der Radiologe 50 (2): 123-130.
Friedrich G., W., and Labudda, K. (2010). Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie. Der Radiologe 50, 123-130.
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W. Friedrich G. and K. Labudda, “Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie”, Der Radiologe, vol. 50, 2010, pp. 123-130.
Friedrich G., W., Labudda, K.: Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie. Der Radiologe. 50, 123-130 (2010).
Friedrich G., Woermann, and Labudda, Kirsten. “Klinischer Einsatz der funktionellen MRT bei chronischer Epilepsie”. Der Radiologe 50.2 (2010): 123-130.

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