Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes

Schack B, Weiss S (2005)
Biological Cybernetics 92 92(4): 275-287.

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Schack, Bärbel; Weiss, SabineUniBi
Biological Cybernetics 92
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Schack B, Weiss S. Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes. Biological Cybernetics 92. 2005;92(4):275-287.
Schack, B., & Weiss, S. (2005). Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes. Biological Cybernetics 92, 92(4), 275-287. doi:10.1007/s00422-005-0555-1
Schack, B., and Weiss, S. (2005). Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes. Biological Cybernetics 92 92, 275-287.
Schack, B., & Weiss, S., 2005. Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes. Biological Cybernetics 92, 92(4), p 275-287.
B. Schack and S. Weiss, “Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes”, Biological Cybernetics 92, vol. 92, 2005, pp. 275-287.
Schack, B., Weiss, S.: Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes. Biological Cybernetics 92. 92, 275-287 (2005).
Schack, Bärbel, and Weiss, Sabine. “Quantification of phase synchronization phenomena and their importance for verbal memory processes”. Biological Cybernetics 92 92.4 (2005): 275-287.

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