Universal Features of Personality Traits From the Observer's Perspective: Data From 50 Cultures

McCrae RR, Antonio T, Angleitner A, Ostendorf F (2005)
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 88(3): 547-561.

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McCrae, Robert R.; Antonio, Terracciano; Angleitner, AloisUniBi; Ostendorf, FritzUniBi
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Group author: Personal Profiles Cultures Project
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology
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McCrae RR, Antonio T, Angleitner A, Ostendorf F. Universal Features of Personality Traits From the Observer's Perspective: Data From 50 Cultures. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. 2005;88(3):547-561.
McCrae, R. R., Antonio, T., Angleitner, A., & Ostendorf, F. (2005). Universal Features of Personality Traits From the Observer's Perspective: Data From 50 Cultures. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 88(3), 547-561. https://doi.org/10.1037/0022-3514.88.3.547
McCrae, Robert R., Antonio, Terracciano, Angleitner, Alois, and Ostendorf, Fritz. 2005. “Universal Features of Personality Traits From the Observer's Perspective: Data From 50 Cultures”. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 88 (3): 547-561.
McCrae, R. R., Antonio, T., Angleitner, A., and Ostendorf, F. (2005). Universal Features of Personality Traits From the Observer's Perspective: Data From 50 Cultures. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 88, 547-561.
McCrae, R.R., et al., 2005. Universal Features of Personality Traits From the Observer's Perspective: Data From 50 Cultures. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 88(3), p 547-561.
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McCrae, Robert R., Antonio, Terracciano, Angleitner, Alois, and Ostendorf, Fritz. “Universal Features of Personality Traits From the Observer's Perspective: Data From 50 Cultures”. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 88.3 (2005): 547-561.

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