A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development

Kianianmomeni A, Nematollahi G, Hallmann A (2008)
Plant Cell 20(9): 2399-2419.

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Here, we describe the cloning and characterization of RETINOBLASTOMA-RELATED PROTEIN1 (RBR1) from the green alga Volvox carteri. RBR1 expression increases substantially during embryogenesis and in response to the sex-inducer glycoprotein, but it decreases significantly under heat stress. While RBR1 is expressed in gonidia (asexual reproductive cells) and embryos, the largest proportion of RBR1 mRNA is found in parental somatic cells. The presence of 4 splice variants and 15 potential cyclin-dependent kinase phosphorylation sites suggests that RBR1 is subject to control at the posttranscriptional and posttranslational levels. Surprisingly, RBR1 is a gender-specific gene, mapping exclusively to the female mating-type locus. A procedure for stable nuclear transformation of males was established to generate RBR1-expressing males. These transformants exhibit enlarged reproductive cells, altered growth characteristics, and a prolonged embryogenesis. The results suggest that a functionally related analog of RBR1 exists in males. The reason for the divergent evolution of RBRs in females and males appears to be based on sexual development: males and females respond to the same sex-inducer with different cleavage programs and substantial differences in cellular differentiation. Thus, the gender-specific presence of RBR1 provides evidence for an additional, novel role for retinoblastoma family proteins in sexual development.
Plant Cell
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Kianianmomeni A, Nematollahi G, Hallmann A. A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development. Plant Cell. 2008;20(9):2399-2419.
Kianianmomeni, A., Nematollahi, G., & Hallmann, A. (2008). A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development. Plant Cell, 20(9), 2399-2419. https://doi.org/10.1105/tpc.107.057836
Kianianmomeni, Arash, Nematollahi, G., and Hallmann, Armin. 2008. “A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development”. Plant Cell 20 (9): 2399-2419.
Kianianmomeni, A., Nematollahi, G., and Hallmann, A. (2008). A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development. Plant Cell 20, 2399-2419.
Kianianmomeni, A., Nematollahi, G., & Hallmann, A., 2008. A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development. Plant Cell, 20(9), p 2399-2419.
A. Kianianmomeni, G. Nematollahi, and A. Hallmann, “A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development”, Plant Cell, vol. 20, 2008, pp. 2399-2419.
Kianianmomeni, A., Nematollahi, G., Hallmann, A.: A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development. Plant Cell. 20, 2399-2419 (2008).
Kianianmomeni, Arash, Nematollahi, G., and Hallmann, Armin. “A gender-specific retinoblastoma-related protein in Volvox carteri implies a role for the retinoblastoma protein family in sexual development”. Plant Cell 20.9 (2008): 2399-2419.

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