Plant surface properties in chemical ecology

Riederer M, Müller C (2005)
Journal of Chemical Ecology 31(11): 2621-2651.

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Riederer, M.; Müller, CarolineUniBi
Journal of Chemical Ecology
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Riederer M, Müller C. Plant surface properties in chemical ecology. Journal of Chemical Ecology. 2005;31(11):2621-2651.
Riederer, M., & Müller, C. (2005). Plant surface properties in chemical ecology. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 31(11), 2621-2651.
Riederer, M., and Müller, Caroline. 2005. “Plant surface properties in chemical ecology”. Journal of Chemical Ecology 31 (11): 2621-2651.
Riederer, M., and Müller, C. (2005). Plant surface properties in chemical ecology. Journal of Chemical Ecology 31, 2621-2651.
Riederer, M., & Müller, C., 2005. Plant surface properties in chemical ecology. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 31(11), p 2621-2651.
M. Riederer and C. Müller, “Plant surface properties in chemical ecology”, Journal of Chemical Ecology, vol. 31, 2005, pp. 2621-2651.
Riederer, M., Müller, C.: Plant surface properties in chemical ecology. Journal of Chemical Ecology. 31, 2621-2651 (2005).
Riederer, M., and Müller, Caroline. “Plant surface properties in chemical ecology”. Journal of Chemical Ecology 31.11 (2005): 2621-2651.

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