Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis

Törjék O, Berger D, Meyer RC, Müssig C, Schmid KJ, Rosleff Sörensen T, Weisshaar B, Mitchell-Olds T, Altmann T (2003)
The Plant Journal 36(1): 122-140.

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Törjék, Otto; Berger, D.; Meyer, R.C.; Müssig, C.; Schmid, K.J.; Rosleff Sörensen, ThomasUniBi; Weisshaar, BerndUniBi ; Mitchell-Olds, T.; Altmann, T.
The Plant Journal
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Törjék O, Berger D, Meyer RC, et al. Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal. 2003;36(1):122-140.
Törjék, O., Berger, D., Meyer, R. C., Müssig, C., Schmid, K. J., Rosleff Sörensen, T., Weisshaar, B., et al. (2003). Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal, 36(1), 122-140.
Törjék, Otto, Berger, D., Meyer, R.C., Müssig, C., Schmid, K.J., Rosleff Sörensen, Thomas, Weisshaar, Bernd, Mitchell-Olds, T., and Altmann, T. 2003. “Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis”. The Plant Journal 36 (1): 122-140.
Törjék, O., Berger, D., Meyer, R. C., Müssig, C., Schmid, K. J., Rosleff Sörensen, T., Weisshaar, B., Mitchell-Olds, T., and Altmann, T. (2003). Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal 36, 122-140.
Törjék, O., et al., 2003. Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal, 36(1), p 122-140.
O. Törjék, et al., “Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis”, The Plant Journal, vol. 36, 2003, pp. 122-140.
Törjék, O., Berger, D., Meyer, R.C., Müssig, C., Schmid, K.J., Rosleff Sörensen, T., Weisshaar, B., Mitchell-Olds, T., Altmann, T.: Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis. The Plant Journal. 36, 122-140 (2003).
Törjék, Otto, Berger, D., Meyer, R.C., Müssig, C., Schmid, K.J., Rosleff Sörensen, Thomas, Weisshaar, Bernd, Mitchell-Olds, T., and Altmann, T. “Establishment of a high-efficiency SNP-based framework marker set for Arabidopsis”. The Plant Journal 36.1 (2003): 122-140.

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