Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte

Su H, Balderas E, Vera-Estrella R, Golldack D, Quigley F, Zhao C, Pantoja HJ, Bohnert O (2003)
Plant Molecular Biology 52(5): 967-980.

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Su, H.; Balderas, E.; Vera-Estrella, R.; Golldack, DortjeUniBi; Quigley, F.; Zhao, C.; Pantoja, H. J.; Bohnert, O.
Plant Molecular Biology
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Su H, Balderas E, Vera-Estrella R, et al. Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte. Plant Molecular Biology. 2003;52(5):967-980.
Su, H., Balderas, E., Vera-Estrella, R., Golldack, D., Quigley, F., Zhao, C., Pantoja, H. J., et al. (2003). Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte. Plant Molecular Biology, 52(5), 967-980.
Su, H., Balderas, E., Vera-Estrella, R., Golldack, Dortje, Quigley, F., Zhao, C., Pantoja, H. J., and Bohnert, O. 2003. “Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte”. Plant Molecular Biology 52 (5): 967-980.
Su, H., Balderas, E., Vera-Estrella, R., Golldack, D., Quigley, F., Zhao, C., Pantoja, H. J., and Bohnert, O. (2003). Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte. Plant Molecular Biology 52, 967-980.
Su, H., et al., 2003. Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte. Plant Molecular Biology, 52(5), p 967-980.
H. Su, et al., “Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte”, Plant Molecular Biology, vol. 52, 2003, pp. 967-980.
Su, H., Balderas, E., Vera-Estrella, R., Golldack, D., Quigley, F., Zhao, C., Pantoja, H.J., Bohnert, O.: Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte. Plant Molecular Biology. 52, 967-980 (2003).
Su, H., Balderas, E., Vera-Estrella, R., Golldack, Dortje, Quigley, F., Zhao, C., Pantoja, H. J., and Bohnert, O. “Expression of the cation transporter McHKT1 in a halophyte”. Plant Molecular Biology 52.5 (2003): 967-980.

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