NF-kappaB regulates spatial memory formation and synaptic plasticity through protein kinase A/CREB signaling

Kaltschmidt B, Ndiaye D, Korte M, Pothion S, Arbibe L, Prullage M, Pfeiffer J, Lindecke A, Staiger V, Israel A, Memet S, et al. (2006)
Mol Cell Biol 26(8): 2936-2946.

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Kaltschmidt, BarbaraUniBi; Ndiaye, D.; Korte, M.; Pothion, S.; Arbibe, L.; Prullage, M.; Pfeiffer, J.; Lindecke, A.; Staiger, V.; Israel, A.; Memet, S.; Kaltschmidt, ChristianUniBi
Mol Cell Biol
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Kaltschmidt B, Ndiaye D, Korte M, et al. NF-kappaB regulates spatial memory formation and synaptic plasticity through protein kinase A/CREB signaling. Mol Cell Biol. 2006;26(8):2936-2946.
Kaltschmidt, B., Ndiaye, D., Korte, M., Pothion, S., Arbibe, L., Prullage, M., Pfeiffer, J., et al. (2006). NF-kappaB regulates spatial memory formation and synaptic plasticity through protein kinase A/CREB signaling. Mol Cell Biol, 26(8), 2936-2946. doi:10.1128/mcb.26.8.2936-2946.2006
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Kaltschmidt, Barbara, Ndiaye, D., Korte, M., Pothion, S., Arbibe, L., Prullage, M., Pfeiffer, J., Lindecke, A., Staiger, V., Israel, A., Memet, S., and Kaltschmidt, Christian. “NF-kappaB regulates spatial memory formation and synaptic plasticity through protein kinase A/CREB signaling”. Mol Cell Biol 26.8 (2006): 2936-2946.

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