Induction of a metastatogenic tumor cell type by neurotransmitters and its pharmacological inhibition by established drugs

Lang K, Drell TL t., Lindecke A, Niggemann B, Zaenker KS, Entschladen F, Kaltschmidt C (2004)
Int J Cancer 112 112(2): 231-238.

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Lang, K.; Drell, T. L. t.; Lindecke, A.; Niggemann, B.; Zaenker, K. S.; Entschladen, F.; Kaltschmidt, ChristianUniBi
Int J Cancer 112
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Lang K, Drell TL t., Lindecke A, et al. Induction of a metastatogenic tumor cell type by neurotransmitters and its pharmacological inhibition by established drugs. Int J Cancer 112. 2004;112(2):231-238.
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Lang, K., Drell, T. L. t., Lindecke, A., Niggemann, B., Zaenker, K. S., Entschladen, F., and Kaltschmidt, Christian. “Induction of a metastatogenic tumor cell type by neurotransmitters and its pharmacological inhibition by established drugs”. Int J Cancer 112 112.2 (2004): 231-238.

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