NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function

ONeill L, Kaltschmidt C (1997)
Trends Neurosci. 20(6): 252-258.

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Trends Neurosci.
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ONeill L, Kaltschmidt C. NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function. Trends Neurosci. 1997;20(6):252-258.
ONeill, L., & Kaltschmidt, C. (1997). NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function. Trends Neurosci., 20(6), 252-258.
ONeill, L., and Kaltschmidt, Christian. 1997. “NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function”. Trends Neurosci. 20 (6): 252-258.
ONeill, L., and Kaltschmidt, C. (1997). NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function. Trends Neurosci. 20, 252-258.
ONeill, L., & Kaltschmidt, C., 1997. NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function. Trends Neurosci., 20(6), p 252-258.
L. ONeill and C. Kaltschmidt, “NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function”, Trends Neurosci., vol. 20, 1997, pp. 252-258.
ONeill, L., Kaltschmidt, C.: NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function. Trends Neurosci. 20, 252-258 (1997).
ONeill, L., and Kaltschmidt, Christian. “NF-kappa B: a crucial transcription factor for glial and neuronal cell function”. Trends Neurosci. 20.6 (1997): 252-258.

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