Glucocorticoid-mediated repression of cytokine gene transcription in human arteritis-scid chimeras

Brack A, Rittner HL, Younge BR, Kaltschmidt C, Weyand CM, Goronzy JJ (1997)
J. Clin. Invest. 99(12): 2842-2850.

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Brack, A.; Rittner, H.L.; Younge, B.R.; Kaltschmidt, ChristianUniBi; Weyand, C.M.; Goronzy, J.J.
J. Clin. Invest.
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Brack A, Rittner HL, Younge BR, Kaltschmidt C, Weyand CM, Goronzy JJ. Glucocorticoid-mediated repression of cytokine gene transcription in human arteritis-scid chimeras. J. Clin. Invest. 1997;99(12):2842-2850.
Brack, A., Rittner, H. L., Younge, B. R., Kaltschmidt, C., Weyand, C. M., & Goronzy, J. J. (1997). Glucocorticoid-mediated repression of cytokine gene transcription in human arteritis-scid chimeras. J. Clin. Invest., 99(12), 2842-2850.
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Brack, A., Rittner, H.L., Younge, B.R., Kaltschmidt, Christian, Weyand, C.M., and Goronzy, J.J. “Glucocorticoid-mediated repression of cytokine gene transcription in human arteritis-scid chimeras”. J. Clin. Invest. 99.12 (1997): 2842-2850.

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