Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms

Braun E, Geurten B, Egelhaaf M (2010)
PLOS ONE 5(2): e9361.

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Braun E, Geurten B, Egelhaaf M. Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms. PLOS ONE. 2010;5(2): e9361.
Braun, E., Geurten, B., & Egelhaaf, M. (2010). Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms. PLOS ONE, 5(2), e9361.
Braun, Elke, Geurten, Bart, and Egelhaaf, Martin. 2010. “Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms”. PLOS ONE 5 (2): e9361.
Braun, E., Geurten, B., and Egelhaaf, M. (2010). Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms. PLOS ONE 5:e9361.
Braun, E., Geurten, B., & Egelhaaf, M., 2010. Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms. PLOS ONE, 5(2): e9361.
E. Braun, B. Geurten, and M. Egelhaaf, “Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms”, PLOS ONE, vol. 5, 2010, : e9361.
Braun, E., Geurten, B., Egelhaaf, M.: Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms. PLOS ONE. 5, : e9361 (2010).
Braun, Elke, Geurten, Bart, and Egelhaaf, Martin. “Identifying Prototypical Components in Behaviour Using Clustering Algorithms”. PLOS ONE 5.2 (2010): e9361.
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