Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today

Schnack J (2010)
Dalton Transactions 39(20): 4677-4686.

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In magnetism, of which molecular magnetism is a part, the term frustration is used rather sloppily. Sometimes one gains the impression that if the reason for some phenomenon is not quite clear then it is attributed to frustration. In this paper a discussion of the effects of frustration that are relevant for the field of molecular magnetism is presented. As will become clear later these effects indeed lead to a variety of unusual magnetic properties.
Dalton Transactions
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Schnack J. Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today. Dalton Transactions. 2010;39(20):4677-4686.
Schnack, J. (2010). Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today. Dalton Transactions, 39(20), 4677-4686. https://doi.org/10.1039/b925358k
Schnack, Jürgen. 2010. “Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today”. Dalton Transactions 39 (20): 4677-4686.
Schnack, J. (2010). Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today. Dalton Transactions 39, 4677-4686.
Schnack, J., 2010. Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today. Dalton Transactions, 39(20), p 4677-4686.
J. Schnack, “Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today”, Dalton Transactions, vol. 39, 2010, pp. 4677-4686.
Schnack, J.: Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today. Dalton Transactions. 39, 4677-4686 (2010).
Schnack, Jürgen. “Effects of frustration on magnetic molecules: a survey from Olivier Kahn until today”. Dalton Transactions 39.20 (2010): 4677-4686.

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