The Molecular and Physiological Responses of Physcomitrella patens to Ultraviolet-B Radiation

Wolf L, Rizzini L, Stracke R, Ulm R, Rensing SA (2010)
Plant Physiology 153(3): 1123-1134.

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Wolf, Luise; Rizzini, Luca; Stracke, RalfUniBi ; Ulm, Roman; Rensing, Stefan A.
Abstract / Bemerkung
Ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation present in sunlight is an important trigger of photomorphogenic acclimation and stress responses in sessile land plants. Although numerous moss species grow in unshaded habitats, our understanding of their UV-B responses is very limited. The genome of the model moss Physcomitrella patens, which grows in sun-exposed open areas, encodes signaling and metabolic components that are implicated in the UV-B response in flowering plants. In this study, we describe the response of P. patens to UV-B radiation at the morphological and molecular levels. We find that P. patens is more capable of surviving UV-B stress than Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana) and describe the differential expression of approximately 400 moss genes in response to UV-B radiation. A comparative analysis of the UV-B response in P. patens and Arabidopsis reveals both distinct and conserved pathways.
Plant Physiology
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Wolf L, Rizzini L, Stracke R, Ulm R, Rensing SA. The Molecular and Physiological Responses of Physcomitrella patens to Ultraviolet-B Radiation. Plant Physiology. 2010;153(3):1123-1134.
Wolf, L., Rizzini, L., Stracke, R., Ulm, R., & Rensing, S. A. (2010). The Molecular and Physiological Responses of Physcomitrella patens to Ultraviolet-B Radiation. Plant Physiology, 153(3), 1123-1134.
Wolf, Luise, Rizzini, Luca, Stracke, Ralf, Ulm, Roman, and Rensing, Stefan A. 2010. “The Molecular and Physiological Responses of Physcomitrella patens to Ultraviolet-B Radiation”. Plant Physiology 153 (3): 1123-1134.
Wolf, L., Rizzini, L., Stracke, R., Ulm, R., and Rensing, S. A. (2010). The Molecular and Physiological Responses of Physcomitrella patens to Ultraviolet-B Radiation. Plant Physiology 153, 1123-1134.
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Wolf, Luise, Rizzini, Luca, Stracke, Ralf, Ulm, Roman, and Rensing, Stefan A. “The Molecular and Physiological Responses of Physcomitrella patens to Ultraviolet-B Radiation”. Plant Physiology 153.3 (2010): 1123-1134.

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