High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis

Lange C, Mittermayr L, Dohm JC, Holtgräwe D, Weisshaar B, Himmelbauer H (2010)
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 121(3): 549-565.

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Theoretical and Applied Genetics


Lange C, Mittermayr L, Dohm JC, Holtgräwe D, Weisshaar B, Himmelbauer H. High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 2010;121(3):549-565.
Lange, C., Mittermayr, L., Dohm, J. C., Holtgräwe, D., Weisshaar, B., & Himmelbauer, H. (2010). High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 121(3), 549-565. doi:10.1007/s00122-010-1329-2
Lange, C., Mittermayr, L., Dohm, J. C., Holtgräwe, D., Weisshaar, B., and Himmelbauer, H. (2010). High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 121, 549-565.
Lange, C., et al., 2010. High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics, 121(3), p 549-565.
C. Lange, et al., “High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis”, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, vol. 121, 2010, pp. 549-565.
Lange, C., Mittermayr, L., Dohm, J.C., Holtgräwe, D., Weisshaar, B., Himmelbauer, H.: High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis. Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 121, 549-565 (2010).
Lange, Cornelia, Mittermayr, Lukas, Dohm, Juliane C., Holtgräwe, Daniela, Weisshaar, Bernd, and Himmelbauer, Heinz. “High-throughput identification of genetic markers using representational oligonucleotide microarray analysis”. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 121.3 (2010): 549-565.

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