Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores

Kasper R, Harke B, Forthmann C, Tinnefeld P, Hell SW, Sauer M (2010)
SMALL 6(13): 1379-1384.

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Kasper, RobertUniBi; Harke, Benjamin; Forthmann, Carsten; Tinnefeld, Philip; Hell, Stefan W.; Sauer, MarkusUniBi
fluorescence; photostability; redox chemistry; emission depletion microscopy; stimulated; imaging
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Kasper R, Harke B, Forthmann C, Tinnefeld P, Hell SW, Sauer M. Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores. SMALL. 2010;6(13):1379-1384.
Kasper, R., Harke, B., Forthmann, C., Tinnefeld, P., Hell, S. W., & Sauer, M. (2010). Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores. SMALL, 6(13), 1379-1384.
Kasper, R., Harke, B., Forthmann, C., Tinnefeld, P., Hell, S. W., and Sauer, M. (2010). Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores. SMALL 6, 1379-1384.
Kasper, R., et al., 2010. Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores. SMALL, 6(13), p 1379-1384.
R. Kasper, et al., “Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores”, SMALL, vol. 6, 2010, pp. 1379-1384.
Kasper, R., Harke, B., Forthmann, C., Tinnefeld, P., Hell, S.W., Sauer, M.: Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores. SMALL. 6, 1379-1384 (2010).
Kasper, Robert, Harke, Benjamin, Forthmann, Carsten, Tinnefeld, Philip, Hell, Stefan W., and Sauer, Markus. “Single-Molecule STED Microscopy with Photostable Organic Fluorophores”. SMALL 6.13 (2010): 1379-1384.

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