A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication

Kroeger BJ, Kopp S, Lowit A (2010)
Cognitive Processing 11(3): 187-205.

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Kroeger, Bernd J.; Kopp, StefanUniBi ; Lowit, Anja
Abstract / Bemerkung
The concept of action as basic motor control unit for goal-directed movement behavior has been used primarily for private or non-communicative actions like walking, reaching, or grasping. In this paper, literature is reviewed indicating that this concept can also be used in all domains of face-to-face communication like speech, co-verbal facial expression, and co-verbal gesturing. Three domain-specific types of actions, i.e. speech actions, facial actions, and hand-arm actions, are defined in this paper and a model is proposed that elucidates the underlying biological mechanisms of action production, action perception, and action acquisition in all domains of face-to-face communication. This model can be used as theoretical framework for empirical analysis or simulation with embodied conversational agents, and thus for advanced human-computer interaction technologies.
Co-verbal behavior; Speech; Face-to-face communication; expression; Action; Facial
Cognitive Processing
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Kroeger BJ, Kopp S, Lowit A. A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication. Cognitive Processing. 2010;11(3):187-205.
Kroeger, B. J., Kopp, S., & Lowit, A. (2010). A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication. Cognitive Processing, 11(3), 187-205. https://doi.org/10.1007/s10339-009-0351-2
Kroeger, Bernd J., Kopp, Stefan, and Lowit, Anja. 2010. “A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication”. Cognitive Processing 11 (3): 187-205.
Kroeger, B. J., Kopp, S., and Lowit, A. (2010). A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication. Cognitive Processing 11, 187-205.
Kroeger, B.J., Kopp, S., & Lowit, A., 2010. A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication. Cognitive Processing, 11(3), p 187-205.
B.J. Kroeger, S. Kopp, and A. Lowit, “A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication”, Cognitive Processing, vol. 11, 2010, pp. 187-205.
Kroeger, B.J., Kopp, S., Lowit, A.: A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication. Cognitive Processing. 11, 187-205 (2010).
Kroeger, Bernd J., Kopp, Stefan, and Lowit, Anja. “A model for production, perception, and acquisition of actions in face-to-face communication”. Cognitive Processing 11.3 (2010): 187-205.

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