MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations

Keilwagen J, Baumbach J, Kohl TA, Grosse I (2009)
Genome Biology 10(5): R46.

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Keilwagen, Jens; Baumbach, Jan; Kohl, Thomas A.; Grosse, Ivo
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Valuable binding-site annotation data are stored in databases. However, several types of errors can, and do, occur in the process of manually incorporating annotation data from the scientific literature into these databases. Here, we introduce MotifAdjuster webcite, a tool that helps to detect these errors, and we demonstrate its efficacy on public data sets.
Genome Biology
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Keilwagen J, Baumbach J, Kohl TA, Grosse I. MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations. Genome Biology. 2009;10(5):R46.
Keilwagen, J., Baumbach, J., Kohl, T. A., & Grosse, I. (2009). MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations. Genome Biology, 10(5), R46.
Keilwagen, Jens, Baumbach, Jan, Kohl, Thomas A., and Grosse, Ivo. 2009. “MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations”. Genome Biology 10 (5): R46.
Keilwagen, J., Baumbach, J., Kohl, T. A., and Grosse, I. (2009). MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations. Genome Biology 10, R46.
Keilwagen, J., et al., 2009. MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations. Genome Biology, 10(5), p R46.
J. Keilwagen, et al., “MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations”, Genome Biology, vol. 10, 2009, pp. R46.
Keilwagen, J., Baumbach, J., Kohl, T.A., Grosse, I.: MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations. Genome Biology. 10, R46 (2009).
Keilwagen, Jens, Baumbach, Jan, Kohl, Thomas A., and Grosse, Ivo. “MotifAdjuster: a tool for computational reassessment of transcription factor binding site annotations”. Genome Biology 10.5 (2009): R46.
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