Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys

Vancea J, Pukowietz S, Reiss G, Hoffmann H (1987)
Physical Review , B 35(17): 9067-9072.

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Vancea, Johann; Pukowietz, S.; Reiss, GünterUniBi ; Hoffmann, Horst
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UHV-evaporated Ag1-xCux alloy films show a strong dependence of the crystallite sizes on the composition: In the middle of the concentration range, the mean grain size is smaller than 2 nm. The resistivity, however, is much lower than expected for such extremely-fine-grained materials (p < 9 my Omega cm). The electrical transport parameters for these films were obtained from the thickness dependence of the conductivity without any a priori assumptions. It will be shown that the electrical transport in these alloys can be well understood as a limit of the reflection model for the electrical conductivity in polycrystalline metals [G. Reiss, J. Vancea, and H. Hoffmann, Phys. Rev. Lett. 56, 2100 (1986)].
Physical Review , B
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Vancea J, Pukowietz S, Reiss G, Hoffmann H. Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys. Physical Review , B. 1987;35(17):9067-9072.
Vancea, J., Pukowietz, S., Reiss, G., & Hoffmann, H. (1987). Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys. Physical Review , B, 35(17), 9067-9072. https://doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.35.9067
Vancea, J., Pukowietz, S., Reiss, G., and Hoffmann, H. (1987). Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys. Physical Review , B 35, 9067-9072.
Vancea, J., et al., 1987. Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys. Physical Review , B, 35(17), p 9067-9072.
J. Vancea, et al., “Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys”, Physical Review , B, vol. 35, 1987, pp. 9067-9072.
Vancea, J., Pukowietz, S., Reiss, G., Hoffmann, H.: Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys. Physical Review , B. 35, 9067-9072 (1987).
Vancea, Johann, Pukowietz, S., Reiss, Günter, and Hoffmann, Horst. “Electrical conduction in low-resistivity (quasiamorphous) Ag1-xCux alloys”. Physical Review , B 35.17 (1987): 9067-9072.
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