Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction

Boege F, Neumann E, Helmreich EJM (1991)
European Journal of Biochemistry 199(1): 1-15.

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Boege, Fritz; Neumann, EberhardUniBi; Helmreich, Ernst J. M.
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Recent information obtained, mainly by recombinant cDNA technology, on structural heterogeneity of hormone and transmitter receptors, of GTP-binding proteins (G-proteins) and, especially, of G-protein-linked receptors is reviewed and the implications of structural heterogeneity for diversity of hormone and transmitter actions is discussed. For the future, three-dimensional structural analysis of membrane proteins participating in signal transmission and transduction pathways is needed in order to understand the molecular basis of allosteric regulatory mechanisms governing the interactions between these proteins including hysteretic properties and cell-cybernetic aspects.
European Journal of Biochemistry
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Boege F, Neumann E, Helmreich EJM. Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction. European Journal of Biochemistry. 1991;199(1):1-15.
Boege, F., Neumann, E., & Helmreich, E. J. M. (1991). Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction. European Journal of Biochemistry, 199(1), 1-15.
Boege, Fritz, Neumann, Eberhard, and Helmreich, Ernst J. M. 1991. “Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction”. European Journal of Biochemistry 199 (1): 1-15.
Boege, F., Neumann, E., and Helmreich, E. J. M. (1991). Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction. European Journal of Biochemistry 199, 1-15.
Boege, F., Neumann, E., & Helmreich, E.J.M., 1991. Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction. European Journal of Biochemistry, 199(1), p 1-15.
F. Boege, E. Neumann, and E.J.M. Helmreich, “Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction”, European Journal of Biochemistry, vol. 199, 1991, pp. 1-15.
Boege, F., Neumann, E., Helmreich, E.J.M.: Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction. European Journal of Biochemistry. 199, 1-15 (1991).
Boege, Fritz, Neumann, Eberhard, and Helmreich, Ernst J. M. “Structural heterogeneity of membrane receptors and GTP-binding proteins and its functional consequences for signal transduction”. European Journal of Biochemistry 199.1 (1991): 1-15.
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