A stereotaxic headholder for small birds

Bischof H-J (1981)
Brain Research Bulletin 7(4): 435-436.

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A Stereotaxic headholder especially designed for small birds is described. The major advantage of the holder is its easy handling when mounting the bird to the apparatus, and better access to the visual field of the bird when compared with other frequently used headholders.
Birds; Zebra finches; Stereotaxic headholder
Brain Research Bulletin
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Bischof H-J. A stereotaxic headholder for small birds. Brain Research Bulletin. 1981;7(4):435-436.
Bischof, H. - J. (1981). A stereotaxic headholder for small birds. Brain Research Bulletin, 7(4), 435-436. doi:10.1016/0361-9230(81)90042-3
Bischof, H. - J. (1981). A stereotaxic headholder for small birds. Brain Research Bulletin 7, 435-436.
Bischof, H.-J., 1981. A stereotaxic headholder for small birds. Brain Research Bulletin, 7(4), p 435-436.
H.-J. Bischof, “A stereotaxic headholder for small birds”, Brain Research Bulletin, vol. 7, 1981, pp. 435-436.
Bischof, H.-J.: A stereotaxic headholder for small birds. Brain Research Bulletin. 7, 435-436 (1981).
Bischof, Hans-Joachim. “A stereotaxic headholder for small birds”. Brain Research Bulletin 7.4 (1981): 435-436.
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