Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly

Egelhaaf M, Grewe J, Kern R, Warzecha A-K (2001)
Vision research 41(27): 3627-3637.

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We studied an identified motion-sensitive neuron of the blowfly under outdoor conditions. The neuron was stimulated by oscillating the fly in a rural environment. We analysed whether the motion-induced neuronal activity is affected by brightness changes ranging between bright sunlight and dusk, In addition, the relationship between spike rate and ambient temperature was determined. The main results are: (1) The mean spike rate elicited by visual motion is largely independent of brightness changes over several orders of magnitude as they occur as a consequence of positional changes of the sun. Even during dusk the neuron responds strongly and directionally selective to motion. (2) The neuronal spike rate is not significantly affected by short-term brightness changes caused by clouds temporarily occluding the sun. (3) In contrast, the neuronal activity is much affected by changes in ambient temperature. (C) 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.
Light; Adaptation; Motion; Natural scenes; Ecology
Vision research
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Egelhaaf M, Grewe J, Kern R, Warzecha A-K. Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly. Vision research. 2001;41(27):3627-3637.
Egelhaaf, M., Grewe, J., Kern, R., & Warzecha, A. - K. (2001). Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly. Vision research, 41(27), 3627-3637. https://doi.org/10.1016/S0042-6989(01)00220-6
Egelhaaf, M., Grewe, J., Kern, R., and Warzecha, A. - K. (2001). Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly. Vision research 41, 3627-3637.
Egelhaaf, M., et al., 2001. Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly. Vision research, 41(27), p 3627-3637.
M. Egelhaaf, et al., “Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly”, Vision research, vol. 41, 2001, pp. 3627-3637.
Egelhaaf, M., Grewe, J., Kern, R., Warzecha, A.-K.: Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly. Vision research. 41, 3627-3637 (2001).
Egelhaaf, Martin, Grewe, Jan, Kern, Roland, and Warzecha, Anne-Kathrin. “Outdoor performance of a motion-sensitive neuron in the blowfly”. Vision research 41.27 (2001): 3627-3637.
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