Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy

Fritz J, Anselmetti D, Jarchow J, Fernandez-Busquets X (1997)
Journal of structural biology 119(2): 165-171.

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Fritz, Jürgen; Anselmetti, DarioUniBi ; Jarchow, Janina; Fernandez-Busquets, Xavier
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During the last years, atomic force microscopy (AFM) has developed from a microscopy tool for solid state surface science towards a method employed in many scientific disciplines such as biology to investigate individual molecules on a nanometer scale. This article describes the current status of the imaging possibilities of AFM on RNA, IgG and gold-labelled cell adhesion molecules, as well as of measurements of intermolecular binding forces between biomolecules in order to investigate their molecular structure, function and elasticity.
Journal of structural biology
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Fritz J, Anselmetti D, Jarchow J, Fernandez-Busquets X. Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy. Journal of structural biology. 1997;119(2):165-171.
Fritz, J., Anselmetti, D., Jarchow, J., & Fernandez-Busquets, X. (1997). Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy. Journal of structural biology, 119(2), 165-171.
Fritz, Jürgen, Anselmetti, Dario, Jarchow, Janina, and Fernandez-Busquets, Xavier. 1997. “Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy”. Journal of structural biology 119 (2): 165-171.
Fritz, J., Anselmetti, D., Jarchow, J., and Fernandez-Busquets, X. (1997). Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy. Journal of structural biology 119, 165-171.
Fritz, J., et al., 1997. Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy. Journal of structural biology, 119(2), p 165-171.
J. Fritz, et al., “Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy”, Journal of structural biology, vol. 119, 1997, pp. 165-171.
Fritz, J., Anselmetti, D., Jarchow, J., Fernandez-Busquets, X.: Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy. Journal of structural biology. 119, 165-171 (1997).
Fritz, Jürgen, Anselmetti, Dario, Jarchow, Janina, and Fernandez-Busquets, Xavier. “Probing single biomolecules with atomic force microscopy”. Journal of structural biology 119.2 (1997): 165-171.
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