Microinjection of Actin-Binding Proteins and Actin Antibodies Demonstrates Involvement of Nuclear Actin in Transcription of Lampbrush Chromosomes

Scheer U, Hinssen H, Franke WW, Jockusch BM (1984)
Cell 39(1): 111-122.

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Scheer, U.; Hinssen, HorstUniBi; Franke, W. W.; Jockusch, B. M.
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Scheer U, Hinssen H, Franke WW, Jockusch BM. Microinjection of Actin-Binding Proteins and Actin Antibodies Demonstrates Involvement of Nuclear Actin in Transcription of Lampbrush Chromosomes. Cell. 1984;39(1):111-122.
Scheer, U., Hinssen, H., Franke, W. W., & Jockusch, B. M. (1984). Microinjection of Actin-Binding Proteins and Actin Antibodies Demonstrates Involvement of Nuclear Actin in Transcription of Lampbrush Chromosomes. Cell, 39(1), 111-122. https://doi.org/10.1016/0092-8674(84)90196-X
Scheer, U., Hinssen, Horst, Franke, W. W., and Jockusch, B. M. 1984. “Microinjection of Actin-Binding Proteins and Actin Antibodies Demonstrates Involvement of Nuclear Actin in Transcription of Lampbrush Chromosomes”. Cell 39 (1): 111-122.
Scheer, U., Hinssen, H., Franke, W. W., and Jockusch, B. M. (1984). Microinjection of Actin-Binding Proteins and Actin Antibodies Demonstrates Involvement of Nuclear Actin in Transcription of Lampbrush Chromosomes. Cell 39, 111-122.
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Scheer, U., Hinssen, Horst, Franke, W. W., and Jockusch, B. M. “Microinjection of Actin-Binding Proteins and Actin Antibodies Demonstrates Involvement of Nuclear Actin in Transcription of Lampbrush Chromosomes”. Cell 39.1 (1984): 111-122.

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