Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms

Gieffers C, Korioth F, Heimann P, Ungermann C, Frey J (1997)

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Gieffers, C; Korioth, F; Heimann, PeterUniBi; Ungermann, C; Frey, JürgenUniBi
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Mitofilin, also known as heart muscle protein, is a recently identified mitochondrial protein. We have isolated two human cDNAs that encode different isoforms of mitofilin. Using reverse PCR, we provide evidence that both isoforms are derived by alternative splicing and encode two proteins of 88 and 90 kDa that are detected in immunoblot analyses with mitofilin-specific antibodies, Immunofluorescence microscopy, fractionating of human osteosarcoma cells, and protease protection experiments with isolated mitochondria and mitoplasts indicate that mitofilin is an integral membrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane. S-35-labeled mitofilin is transported into isolated yeast mitochondria in a reaction that depends on the membrane potential across the inner mitochondrial membrane (Delta Psi). During mitochondrial in vitro import, mitofilin is proteolytically processed to the mature protein that is also detected in cellular fractions, indicating that the amino-terminal leader sequence is removed, Sequence analysis and our re suits suggest that mitofilin is anchored in the inner mitochondrial membrane with an amino-terminal transmembrane domain, while the majority of the protein is extruding into the intermembrane space. (C) 1997 Academic Press.
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Gieffers C, Korioth F, Heimann P, Ungermann C, Frey J. Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH. 1997;232(2):395-399.
Gieffers, C., Korioth, F., Heimann, P., Ungermann, C., & Frey, J. (1997). Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH, 232(2), 395-399.
Gieffers, C., Korioth, F., Heimann, P., Ungermann, C., and Frey, J. (1997). Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH 232, 395-399.
Gieffers, C., et al., 1997. Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH, 232(2), p 395-399.
C. Gieffers, et al., “Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms”, EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH, vol. 232, 1997, pp. 395-399.
Gieffers, C., Korioth, F., Heimann, P., Ungermann, C., Frey, J.: Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH. 232, 395-399 (1997).
Gieffers, C, Korioth, F, Heimann, Peter, Ungermann, C, and Frey, Jürgen. “Mitofilin is a transmembrane protein of the inner mitochondrial membrane expressed as two isoforms”. EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH 232.2 (1997): 395-399.

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