The serotonin transporter gene and peer-rated neuroticism

Ball D, Hill L, Freeman B, Eley TC, Strelau J, Riemann R, Spinath FM, Angleitner A, Plomin R (1997)
NEUROREPORT 8(5): 1301-1304.

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Ball, D; Hill, L; Freeman, B; Eley, TC; Strelau, J; Riemann, RainerUniBi ; Spinath, FM; Angleitner, AloisUniBi; Plomin, R
Abstract / Bemerkung
POLYMORPHISMS in the serotonin transporter gene (5HTT) have been reported to be associated with neuroticism (emotionality) and with depression. A recent report of an association between 5HTT and neuroticism involved unselected samples and self-report questionnaires.(1) We attempted to extend these findings using a selected extremes design and peer ratings. From a sample of 2085 individuals, each assessed on neuroticism by two independent peers, we selected 52 individuals from the top 5% and 54 individuals from the bottom 5%. No association was found for either a functional 44 bp insertion/deletion polymorphism in 5HTT regulatory sequence (5HTTLPR) or for a non-functional variable number tandem repeat 5HTT polymorphism.
transporter; risk factors; polymorphism; depression; neuroticism; serotonin
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Ball D, Hill L, Freeman B, et al. The serotonin transporter gene and peer-rated neuroticism. NEUROREPORT. 1997;8(5):1301-1304.
Ball, D., Hill, L., Freeman, B., Eley, T. C., Strelau, J., Riemann, R., Spinath, F. M., et al. (1997). The serotonin transporter gene and peer-rated neuroticism. NEUROREPORT, 8(5), 1301-1304.
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Ball, D., Hill, L., Freeman, B., Eley, T. C., Strelau, J., Riemann, R., Spinath, F. M., Angleitner, A., and Plomin, R. (1997). The serotonin transporter gene and peer-rated neuroticism. NEUROREPORT 8, 1301-1304.
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Ball, D, Hill, L, Freeman, B, Eley, TC, Strelau, J, Riemann, Rainer, Spinath, FM, Angleitner, Alois, and Plomin, R. “The serotonin transporter gene and peer-rated neuroticism”. NEUROREPORT 8.5 (1997): 1301-1304.

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