Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features

Piefke M, Kramer K, Korte M, Schulte-Ruether M, Korte JM, Wohischlaeger AM, Weber J, Shah NJ, Huber W, Fink GR (2009)
Human Brain Mapping 30(2): 432-451.

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Piefke, MartinaUniBi; Kramer, Kira; Korte, Mia; Schulte-Ruether, Martin; Korte, Jan M.; Wohischlaeger, Afra M.; Weber, Jochen; Shah, Nadim J.; Huber, Walter; Fink, Gereon R.
extrastriate body area; fMRI; intraparietal cortex; motor cognition; mirror neurons; inhibitory control
Human Brain Mapping
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Piefke M, Kramer K, Korte M, et al. Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features. Human Brain Mapping. 2009;30(2):432-451.
Piefke, M., Kramer, K., Korte, M., Schulte-Ruether, M., Korte, J. M., Wohischlaeger, A. M., Weber, J., et al. (2009). Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features. Human Brain Mapping, 30(2), 432-451.
Piefke, Martina, Kramer, Kira, Korte, Mia, Schulte-Ruether, Martin, Korte, Jan M., Wohischlaeger, Afra M., Weber, Jochen, Shah, Nadim J., Huber, Walter, and Fink, Gereon R. 2009. “Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features”. Human Brain Mapping 30 (2): 432-451.
Piefke, M., Kramer, K., Korte, M., Schulte-Ruether, M., Korte, J. M., Wohischlaeger, A. M., Weber, J., Shah, N. J., Huber, W., and Fink, G. R. (2009). Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features. Human Brain Mapping 30, 432-451.
Piefke, M., et al., 2009. Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features. Human Brain Mapping, 30(2), p 432-451.
M. Piefke, et al., “Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features”, Human Brain Mapping, vol. 30, 2009, pp. 432-451.
Piefke, M., Kramer, K., Korte, M., Schulte-Ruether, M., Korte, J.M., Wohischlaeger, A.M., Weber, J., Shah, N.J., Huber, W., Fink, G.R.: Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features. Human Brain Mapping. 30, 432-451 (2009).
Piefke, Martina, Kramer, Kira, Korte, Mia, Schulte-Ruether, Martin, Korte, Jan M., Wohischlaeger, Afra M., Weber, Jochen, Shah, Nadim J., Huber, Walter, and Fink, Gereon R. “Neurofunctional modulation of brain regions by distinct forms of motor cognition and movement features”. Human Brain Mapping 30.2 (2009): 432-451.

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