Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency

Busche A, Hennermann JB, Buerger F, Proquitte H, Dierks T, von Arnim-Baas A, Horn D (2009)

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Busche, Andreas; Hennermann, Julia B.; Buerger, Friederike; Proquitte, Hans; Dierks, ThomasUniBi; von Arnim-Baas, Annabel; Horn, Denise
Abstract / Bemerkung
Introduction Multiple sulfatase deficiency is biochemically characterized by the accumulation of sulfated lipids and acid mucopolysaccharides. Case report We report clinical, biochemical, and molecular findings in a female newborn affected with a severe form of multiple sulfatase deficiency (Mendelian Inheritance in Man (MIM) # 272200). She presented with primary microcephaly, facial anomalies including depressed nasal bridge, nasal hypoplasia, anteverted nostrils, smooth philtrum, limited mobility of hip and knee joints, mild ichthyosis, as well as muscular hypotonia. The diagnosis is based on detection of excessive mucopolysacchariduria and enzymatic assays performed in leucocytes which showed complete deficiency of all of the measured sulfatases. Sequencing of the coding region of the underlying gene, SUMF1, could not identify any mutation. However, failure to detect the corresponding mRNA by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction proves defective SUMF1 expression. Conclusion The diagnosis of neonatal MSD should be considered when dealing with the association of distinct facial anomalies, limited joint mobility, ichthyosis, and muscular hypotonia.
Mucopolysacchariduria; Metabolic disease; SUMF1; MSD
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Busche A, Hennermann JB, Buerger F, et al. Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 2009;168(8):969-973.
Busche, A., Hennermann, J. B., Buerger, F., Proquitte, H., Dierks, T., von Arnim-Baas, A., & Horn, D. (2009). Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS, 168(8), 969-973.
Busche, A., Hennermann, J. B., Buerger, F., Proquitte, H., Dierks, T., von Arnim-Baas, A., and Horn, D. (2009). Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS 168, 969-973.
Busche, A., et al., 2009. Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS, 168(8), p 969-973.
A. Busche, et al., “Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency”, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS, vol. 168, 2009, pp. 969-973.
Busche, A., Hennermann, J.B., Buerger, F., Proquitte, H., Dierks, T., von Arnim-Baas, A., Horn, D.: Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS. 168, 969-973 (2009).
Busche, Andreas, Hennermann, Julia B., Buerger, Friederike, Proquitte, Hans, Dierks, Thomas, von Arnim-Baas, Annabel, and Horn, Denise. “Neonatal manifestation of multiple sulfatase deficiency”. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PEDIATRICS 168.8 (2009): 969-973.

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