A combined proteome and transcriptome analysis of developing Medicago truncatula seeds

Gallardo K, Firnhaber C, Zuber H, Hericher D, Belghazi M, Henry C, Kuester H, Thompson R (2007)

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Gallardo, Karine; Firnhaber, Christian; Zuber, Helene; Hericher, Delphine; Belghazi, Maya; Henry, Celine; Kuester, Helge; Thompson, Richard
Abstract / Bemerkung
A comparative study of proteome and transcriptome changes during Medicago truncatula ( cultivar Jemalong) seed development has been carried out. Transcript and protein profiles were parallel across the time course for 50% of the comparisons made, but divergent patterns were also observed, indicative of post-transcriptional events. These data, combined with the analysis of transcript and protein distribution in the isolated seed coat, endosperm, and embryo, demonstrated the major contribution made to the embryo by the surrounding tissues. First, a remarkable compartmentalization of enzymes involved in methionine biosynthesis between the seed tissues was revealed that may regulate the availability of sulfur-containing amino acids for embryo protein synthesis during seed filling. This intertissue compartmentalization, which was also apparent for enzymes of sulfur assimilation, is relevant to strategies for modifying the nutritional value of legume seeds. Second, decreasing levels during seed filling of seed coat and endosperm metabolic enzymes, including essential steps in Met metabolism, are indicative of a metabolic shift from a highly active to a quiescent state as the embryo assimilates nutrients. Third, a concomitant persistence of several proteases in seed coat and endosperm highlighted the importance of proteolysis in these tissues as a supplementary source of amino acids for protein synthesis in the embryo. Finally, the data revealed the sites of expression within the seed of a large number of transporters implied in nutrient import and intraseed translocations. Several of these, including a sulfate transporter, were preferentially expressed in seeds compared with other plant organs. These findings provide new directions for genetic improvement of grain legumes.
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