The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro

DisqueKochem C, Dreiseikelmann B (1997)
JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 179(19): 6133-6137.

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The cytoplasmic protein TraM is one of four essential gene products of the F factor which are involved in DNA transfer after mating pair formation. TraM binds to three specific sites within the oriT region. Besides regulation of its own synthesis, the precise function of TraM during conjugation is not yet known. In the present work, the affinity of TraM to TraD was studied in vitro by an overlay assay and by affinity chromatography. Whether the interaction between TraM and TraD causes a transient or permanent anchoring of the F factor to the site of transfer is discussed, A 35-kDa host membrane protein of yet unknown function also shows affinity to TraM and may be involved in this anchoring process as well.
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DisqueKochem C, Dreiseikelmann B. The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY. 1997;179(19):6133-6137.
DisqueKochem, C., & Dreiseikelmann, B. (1997). The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 179(19), 6133-6137.
DisqueKochem, C, and Dreiseikelmann, Brigitte. 1997. “The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro”. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 179 (19): 6133-6137.
DisqueKochem, C., and Dreiseikelmann, B. (1997). The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 179, 6133-6137.
DisqueKochem, C., & Dreiseikelmann, B., 1997. The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, 179(19), p 6133-6137.
C. DisqueKochem and B. Dreiseikelmann, “The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro”, JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY, vol. 179, 1997, pp. 6133-6137.
DisqueKochem, C., Dreiseikelmann, B.: The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY. 179, 6133-6137 (1997).
DisqueKochem, C, and Dreiseikelmann, Brigitte. “The cytoplasmic DNA-binding protein TraM binds to the inner membrane protein TraD in vitro”. JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 179.19 (1997): 6133-6137.

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