Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements

Jutzi P, Burford N (1999)
CHEMICAL REVIEWS 99(4): 969-990.

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Jutzi, PeterUniBi; Burford, N
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Jutzi P, Burford N. Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements. CHEMICAL REVIEWS. 1999;99(4):969-990.
Jutzi, P., & Burford, N. (1999). Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements. CHEMICAL REVIEWS, 99(4), 969-990.
Jutzi, P., and Burford, N. (1999). Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements. CHEMICAL REVIEWS 99, 969-990.
Jutzi, P., & Burford, N., 1999. Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements. CHEMICAL REVIEWS, 99(4), p 969-990.
P. Jutzi and N. Burford, “Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements”, CHEMICAL REVIEWS, vol. 99, 1999, pp. 969-990.
Jutzi, P., Burford, N.: Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements. CHEMICAL REVIEWS. 99, 969-990 (1999).
Jutzi, Peter, and Burford, N. “Structurally diverse pi-cyclopentadienyl complexes of the main group elements”. CHEMICAL REVIEWS 99.4 (1999): 969-990.

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