Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light

Kienberger R, Hentschel M, Uiberacker M, Spielmann C, Kitzler M, Scrinzi A, Wieland M, Westerwalbesloh T, Kleineberg U, Heinzmann U, Drescher M, et al. (2002)
SCIENCE 297(5584): 1144-1148.

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Kienberger, R; Hentschel, M; Uiberacker, M; Spielmann, C; Kitzler, M; Scrinzi, A; Wieland, M; Westerwalbesloh, T; Kleineberg, U; Heinzmann, UlrichUniBi; Drescher, MarkusUniBi; Krausz, F
Abstract / Bemerkung
Photoelectrons excited by extreme ultraviolet or x-ray photons in the presence of a strong laser field generally suffer a spread of their energies due to the absorption and emission of laser photons. We demonstrate that if the emitted electron wave packet is temporally confined to a small fraction of the oscillation period of the interacting light wave, its energy spectrum can be up- or down-shifted by many times the laser photon energy without substantial broadening. The light wave can accelerate or decelerate the electrons drift velocity, i.e., steer the electron wave packet like a classical particle. This capability strictly relies on a sub-femtosecond duration of the ionizing x-ray pulse and on its timing to the phase of the light wave with a similar accuracy, offering a simple and potentially single-shot diagnostic tool for attosecond pump-probe spectroscopy.
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Kienberger R, Hentschel M, Uiberacker M, et al. Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light. SCIENCE. 2002;297(5584):1144-1148.
Kienberger, R., Hentschel, M., Uiberacker, M., Spielmann, C., Kitzler, M., Scrinzi, A., Wieland, M., et al. (2002). Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light. SCIENCE, 297(5584), 1144-1148.
Kienberger, R., Hentschel, M., Uiberacker, M., Spielmann, C., Kitzler, M., Scrinzi, A., Wieland, M., Westerwalbesloh, T., Kleineberg, U., Heinzmann, U., et al. (2002). Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light. SCIENCE 297, 1144-1148.
Kienberger, R., et al., 2002. Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light. SCIENCE, 297(5584), p 1144-1148.
R. Kienberger, et al., “Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light”, SCIENCE, vol. 297, 2002, pp. 1144-1148.
Kienberger, R., Hentschel, M., Uiberacker, M., Spielmann, C., Kitzler, M., Scrinzi, A., Wieland, M., Westerwalbesloh, T., Kleineberg, U., Heinzmann, U., Drescher, M., Krausz, F.: Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light. SCIENCE. 297, 1144-1148 (2002).
Kienberger, R, Hentschel, M, Uiberacker, M, Spielmann, C, Kitzler, M, Scrinzi, A, Wieland, M, Westerwalbesloh, T, Kleineberg, U, Heinzmann, Ulrich, Drescher, Markus, and Krausz, F. “Steering attosecond electron wave packets with light”. SCIENCE 297.5584 (2002): 1144-1148.

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