Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy

Drescher M, Hentschel M, Kienberger R, Uiberacker M, Yakovlev V, Scrinzi A, Westerwalbesloh T, Kleineberg U, Heinzmann U, Krausz F (2002)
NATURE 419(6909): 803-807.

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Drescher, MarkusUniBi; Hentschel, M; Kienberger, R; Uiberacker, M; Yakovlev, V; Scrinzi, A; Westerwalbesloh, T; Kleineberg, U; Heinzmann, UlrichUniBi; Krausz, F
Abstract / Bemerkung
The characteristic time constants of the relaxation dynamics of core-excited atoms have hitherto been inferred from the linewidths of electronic transitions measured by continuous-wave extreme ultraviolet or X-ray spectroscopy. Here we demonstrate that a laser-based sampling system, consisting of a few-femtosecond visible light pulse and a synchronized sub-femtosecond soft X-ray pulse, allows us to trace these dynamics directly in the time domain with attosecond resolution. We have measured a lifetime of 7.9(-0.9)(+1.0) fs of M-shell vacancies of krypton in such a pump-probe experiment.
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Drescher M, Hentschel M, Kienberger R, et al. Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy. NATURE. 2002;419(6909):803-807.
Drescher, M., Hentschel, M., Kienberger, R., Uiberacker, M., Yakovlev, V., Scrinzi, A., Westerwalbesloh, T., et al. (2002). Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy. NATURE, 419(6909), 803-807. https://doi.org/10.1038/nature01143
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Drescher, M., Hentschel, M., Kienberger, R., Uiberacker, M., Yakovlev, V., Scrinzi, A., Westerwalbesloh, T., Kleineberg, U., Heinzmann, U., and Krausz, F. (2002). Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy. NATURE 419, 803-807.
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Drescher, Markus, Hentschel, M, Kienberger, R, Uiberacker, M, Yakovlev, V, Scrinzi, A, Westerwalbesloh, T, Kleineberg, U, Heinzmann, Ulrich, and Krausz, F. “Time-resolved atomic inner-shell spectroscopy”. NATURE 419.6909 (2002): 803-807.

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